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What Is Sleep Training?

All new parents know that one of the hardest things about being a new mom or dad is trying to get baby to sleep through the night so parents can get some shuteye themselves. Indeed, while a baby will sleep a lot during the first few weeks and months of life, as a child grows, parents may start to wonder whether or not a full twelve hours of sleep at night–without waking for feedings, diaper changes, or soothing from parents–will ever be possible.

At Seven Oaks Sleep Science, we know how exhausting trying to get your baby to sleep can be. We have developed tools and strategies for new parents developing sleep schedules for their babies, and are experts in sleep training.

What Is Sleep Training?

Helping a baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night is the purpose of sleep training. For babies that have a hard time falling or staying asleep, sleep training can be a vital part of helping everyone in a household get the rest they need.

While sleep training isn’t for everyone–and can be a pretty controversial topic–it can be a great way to help your baby learn to fall asleep on their own, making sure they get the sleep they need for proper growth and development.

How Does Sleep Training Work?

There are different methods and strategies of sleep training, with most children being ready to start some sort of sleep learning process between four and six months of age. However, you should always consult with an expert before you implement a sleep training regimen.

In addition to different times to start sleep training a baby, there are also various sleep training methods. You should discuss these different methods with an expert to have a better understanding of them and which one may be right for you and your baby.  At Seven Oaks Sleep Science, our philosophy is rooted in the idea that all babies can learn to sleep. Some babies learn how to sleep very quickly and other babies need dedicated time and effort to learn how to sleep. All babies and families are different and we take a personalized approach to sleep training  in order to accommodate different parenting styles.

Why Sleep Train?

Babies who are independent sleepers sleep better and longer than babies who require a lot of parental assistance to fall asleep.  The parents of babies who sleep well sleep better and longer and are happier than the parents of babies who require a lot of parental assistance to sleep. Sleep training develops sleep independence so that babies and parents can all get the sleep that they need. With sleep training, you can help your baby learn how to get to sleep, and stay asleep. Without sleep training, parents may spend months fighting to get their baby to sleep, leaving everyone exhausted and frustrated.

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If you are ready to learn more about how to sleep train your baby and why sleep training may be the right thing for your family, we can help. To learn more, contact Seven oaks Sleep Science to schedule a consultation. You can complete the form found on our website and someone will get in touch with you shortly.