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Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on!

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on discussing sleeping through the night.

When Does A Baby Stop Waking Up At Night? Because Sleep Deprivation Is The Worst

On the topic of self-soothing, Dr. Natalie Barnett, pediatric Sleep Expert atĀ Nanit, tells Romper that after about three months, the most important thing a parent can do to lengthen nighttime sleep is to have your baby fall asleep by themselvesĀ at the beginning of the night. “What your baby needs to fall asleep at the beginning of the night will be what they need to fall back to sleep when they wake during the night,” she explains. “Encouraging your baby to fall asleep by themselves will help them go longer through the night without a feed so that we can gradually and naturally cut down those night feeds with little or no crying involved.”