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Natalie Barnett, PhD, Grad. Cert. Sleep Sci.

Natalie BarnetNatalie holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia and was previously Assistant Professor in the Neurogenetics Unit at NYU School of Medicine in New York City. Natalie has a Postgraduate Certificate in Pediatric Sleep Science from the University of Western Australia and has worked as a pediatric sleep consultant for over 10 years. She is able to apply her scientific knowledge to everyday sleep problems and enjoys nothing more than giving families the gift of sleep.

Natalie is a native of Australia and grew up in the outback on a wheat and sheep property called Seven Oaks. Natalie has seen in Australia how well new mothers are supported and the importance that is placed on infant sleep and its impact on family wellness. Natalie wanted to bring some of that support and sensibility to mothers in New York City. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and three sons and understands the demands and space limitations that are often placed upon New York City parents.

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