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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on CT Style!

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on CT Style discussing baby sleep training tips.

Consequences of Interrupted Sleep for Newborns

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

New parents have a lot of questions and worries about how to care for their child. Many of these questions revolve around sleep and how much sleep a child needs, when a child needs to sleep, and how to get a child to sleep (and wake) at a time that is convenient for a… Read More »

Cycles of Newborn Sleep

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

Sleep is one of the most important parts of growth and development. In fact, sleep is so important that even when growth and development have been completed upon reaching adulthood, sleep–particularly REM sleep–is critical to life. REM sleep, which is characterized by rapid eye movements, is essential for learning, memory, mood, and overall health…. Read More »

How Sleep May Change Your Eating Habits

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

Being sleep deprived can make you do strange things. You might put the remote in the fridge, answer your phone when the doorbell rings, or put orange juice in your cereal on accident. You just don’t have the brain power to do things right when you’re not sleeping well — and that includes eating…. Read More »