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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on!

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on discussing sleeping through the night. When Does A Baby Stop Waking Up At Night? Because Sleep Deprivation Is The Worst On the topic of self-soothing, Dr. Natalie Barnett, pediatric Sleep Expert at Nanit, tells Romper that after about three months, the most important thing a parent can do… Read More »

What Is SIDS and How Does it Affect How My Baby Sleeps?

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

For parents of new babies, SIDS is something that is surely mentioned and feared. Standing for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS is the phenomenon of an otherwise healthy baby dying–for a reason that is not understood–suddenly in their sleep. The condition is often referred to as “crib death.” What Causes SIDS? Researchers aren’t positive… Read More »

Understanding Newborn Sleep Patterns

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

For new parents, understanding your newborn’s sleep patterns will be critical for your sanity and peace of mind, and be helpful in understanding how much sleep your baby needs and how those needs will change as they grow. Because being a new parent is difficult, we’ve put together this guide on newborn sleep patterns… Read More »

Dr. Natalie Barnett Featured On TV! – CT Style Live

By Seven Oaks Sleep Science |

Dr. Natalie Barnett is featured on the television program CT Style Live discussing infant and parent sleep training. Nanit Helps Mother’s Get Sleep For Mother’s Day NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Today we have Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Pollack, and Sleep Expert, Dr. Natalie Barnett both from Nanit discussing their smart baby monitor… Read More »