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Before we met with Dr. Barnett I was fighting with my husband, I wanted to fire my nanny and I didn’t know how I would possibly cope going back to work. My daughter was waking five to seven times a night and taking all her naps in the swing. Dr. Barnett was like an Australian Mary Poppins coming into our house. Within days Isabella was sleeping beautifully and order and calm was restored to our home. She changed our lives. – Megan and Brian, New York City

Dr. Barnett has helped us with our third and fourth boys. When she helped us sleep train we went from being exhausted and overwhelmed to thoroughly enjoying our babies. I am now pregnant with number five and I will be calling her soon after we leave the hospital! Being a physician, I am very comfortable with the medical needs of newborns but it is the support Dr. Barnett provides that is the most valuable to me. It is very easy to second guess yourself when you are alone but knowing she will be calling to check in every day helped me stay on track. – Sarah, Chicago

Natalie saved my marriage! By teaching us how to get our son to sleep, she made our whole lives feel better. As I caught up on sleep I became more confident in my mothering skills and I turned back into the happy woman my husband married. We will be forever grateful. – Lucy and David, Sydney, Australia

I suffered from postpartum depression which I am sure was exacerbated by a lack of sleep. Dr. Barnett collaborated with my therapist when we were teaching our daughter to sleep. I felt like I had a team of people watching out for me and once my daughter’s sleep issues were solved and I was able to properly sleep, I was then able to focus on my therapy and getting myself well. – Elizabeth, New York City

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